Wednesday, December 17, 2008


tyrell sang, 'grandma got run over by a reindeer' for our christmas party and it turned out to be really cute. the kids all loved it and they really added to the performance when they shouted out answers/comments along the way (one kid yelled "no way, for reals?" when ty told them that his grandma got run over by a reindeer ). tyrell also forgot the words a few times but he recovered nicely, it really fit in perfectly, and added to every one's entertainment. just keep smiling is his motto. the adults loved it too and keep telling me how much they enjoyed it.

we got a christmas tree and it is all set up in the front room. we are really enjoying it and i am glad we have a tree and lights up outside to help us enjoy the holiday season (even though i have to work on christmas AGAIN this year). it is still in need of a tree topper, but it's still pretty. it was our one year anniversary on monday, and tyrell got me the best present. he got me a gift card to this nice spa in town that does prenatal massages! no doubt this idea was sparked by my constant request for him to rub my aching back. i am really excited. i got him a less perfect, but wanted, weight set. it was not the one he wanted so we took it back... hopefully we can find what he wants.

tyrell thinks it is my job to spread holiday cheer through baked goods, and he asked me if i was going to make something for our neighbors. i hadn't really thought about it, but decided that i should. so i made sugar cookies, fudge and carmel popcorn. it turned out pretty good and i realized that my kitchen is way to small for such a project. but we delivered our chinese take out packages and hopefully everyone enjoyed the extra calories.

it snowed all night last night and now we have a few inches of snow on the ground. i have already been a victim of the slippery roads and it's only the first big snow storm, not a good sign. i went to enrichment to sew curtains, but really i just ended up making myself a wreath and watching others make curtains (there were limited sewing machines). but on my way home i slid on the snow as i was rounding a corner and hit a curb. it wasn't all that bad but tyrell told me i am not allowed to do that any more. i am just glad it was only a curb. our neighbor said the free way was like bumper cars. tyrell has given me a few pointers on driving in the snow and hopefully i will remember them when these skills are needed.
i am 36 weeks today (the start of month 9) and our little guy is officially considered full term from here on out. i am still working and plan on working until the 10th of January or so. i told my mom this plan and she was hoping that it wouldn't make me go into labor early. i told her that it should be safe for him to come out any time now, but she was not concerned about that, she just didn't want him to come before she got here :). tyrell also agrees that he ought to 'cook' a little longer. and i suppose we are not quite ready for him anyway. he doesn't have a name, the crib is not set up, i don't have a hospital bag ready, the adorable blanket my mother made has not yet arrived and i have not even picked out fabric for the curtains and crib skirt i was planning on making (and have really no idea how to make, but it can't be all that hard right?).
perhaps baby boy smith got a look at his room and is waiting until we get our stuff moved out and his stuff moved in before he will make an appearance.