Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

the jet skis

these FOUR... count them FOUR... jet skis are living in my garage and in my yard. and yes we are the proud co-owners of these four wonderful skis. it all happened when i was in AZ for a few weeks.
while i was there tyrell talked to me about his NEED for a stand up jet ski. i was iffy about the whole thing, but told him that if he really wanted one, and it was really that great of a deal, then he could do what he thought was best. his argument about the expenditure was that the money was not SPENT, but just TIED UP until we were able to sell them and of course... make money on them.
so that is how we acquired the two yellow jet skis. ty came to AZ for my grandma's funeral and kept asking me... 'so what would you say, if when you got home, there were a pair of jet skis in the garage?" this was of course not a good sign. remember, that this all started with the NEED for a STAND UP jet ski and when we got home, there were two SIT DOWN jet skis. his buddy brandon, with whom he went in on these skis with, talked him into the greater versatility of the sit downs (more kid and friend friendly). so this relationship between brandon and tyrell is a dangerous one, as 'mr. fix it' meets 'mr. wheel and deal'.
now these skis were purchased with the knowledge that only one of them worked well. the other ran ok, but needed some work. but after a few trips to the lake it became officially broken. to make a long story short... later there was the purchase of the two blue ones. these were of course too great a deal to pass up, and the new plan became to fix and sell the yellow ones, while we enjoyed and eventually sold the blue ones. this new pair was in the same condition.. one working, one not. but of course, soon the one working became ANOTHER broken one. there are four jet skis in my garage and only ONE of them works.

so instead of being out on the lake enjoying ourselves... tyrell can often be found in the garage taking engines apart; covered in grease, surrounded by a myriad of bolts and thing-a-ma-jigs, complaining that no one stocks the parts he needs, ordering parts on line, waiting for the mail, and since there is only one shop in pueblo who works on jet skis... planning to start up his own jet ski shop:)

carter doesn't seem to care that they don't run, as long as he gets to sit on them. and lately he decided that the fun factor can be increased exponentially if you stand up. a habit i am strongly discouraging.
the hopes and dreams of owning fun toys and enjoying the nearby lake are not working out as planned. but tyrell is of course unfazed, and glad to be able to learn about jet ski engines. he is just wishing for a more supportive and less heckling wife :)

(this is just a side note picture about the time he talked our neighbors into coming over and transferring the two working jet skis to the same trailer. no one has sued us for back injuries... yet :)