Monday, March 1, 2010


so we took carter to the snow for his first sledding experience. the day we decided to go was a very foggy day here in pueblo, and it was even worse as we went up the mountain to rye, toward san isabel. but just before we got to the lake, we had made it above the clouds, and it was a beautiful sunny day. it had snowed the day before and we were the first ones out on the hills. there were ice fisherman on the lake and the chunks they had cut out were 2 feet thick.

carter of course had to be bundled up and he looked pretty cute in his warm clothes but i am sure inside he felt like the boy on 'the christmas story'.

ty took him on the sled

and since it was hard for him to walk in the snow, i assisted his exploration by hanging on to his hood. it provided the necessary stabilization since our gloves prevented us from holding hands.

but despite all our help during this new experience, he didn't seem all that excited about the snow.

so after a few cold face plants,

and a mild wreck on the sled,

he was begging us to go home.

perhaps next year he will have a little more fun :)