Thursday, August 18, 2011


i keep getting on here, ready to make our summer adventures public, but discouragement sets in and i can't decide where to start. my neglect has rendered me immobile. so, in an attempt to move forward, i will provide a short pictureless synopsis of our summer's happenings. after which, i will attempt to keep my updates more current :)

-re-modeled our master closet
-max started crawling and pulling himself up
-we tore out most of our old landscaping (tons and tons of rock) made a circular drive, hauled in dirt for grass! lots and lots of shoveling and rock displacement.... killer
-re-roofed the house
-trips to the lake
-ty fixing cars
-boys being adorable and occasionally horrid :)
- i started working out in the mornings, loving it

-home to AZ:
*4th july in SJ, BBQ, fireworks, foot races at the park, beautiful weather lots of family
*pima to fix car (to no avail), play with friends, cousins and ty's parents
- carter learned to jump off side of pool, float with floaties, and 'swim' to the stairs all by himself
-trip to lake navajo with friends: awesome new lake, got sun burned, camped with both boys for the first time, minimal sleep, mosquitoes, good water, kids had tons of fun on the shore.
-ty went to scout camp
-ty fixing more cars
-ty had training in denver: the boys and i went to stay in the hotel with him for a few days, swimming, mall and more importantly escalators (carter's favorite), out to eat, pump it up (bouncy place, carter still a little too young), temple
- lake trips

AUGUST (so far)
-ty to emerald lake for back packing trip with high school friends
-the kids and i to my family reunion at the homestead: volleyball, treego, race (carter kept running over the finish line so people would cheer for him), games (carter LOVED being able to yell and cheer as loudly as he could, he was very enthusiastic), cousins, dancing (no one danced their heart out like carter) , dirt, carter in heaven!
-leveling and trenching for sprinkler system (moved more grass on the horizon !!!!
-ty started work
-max top teeth in
-carter can now tell you how old he is "I'm two!" :)
- more lake trips

and there you have it!