Thursday, February 4, 2010

carter turned one

carter turned one on january 16th (the same day as his great-grandmother lee's 90th birthday party). we celebrated with grandma katy and did a little cake afterward. he didn't dig in like i had hoped. instead, he carefully ran his fingertips through the frosting in a petting motion.

at his one year dr. appointment, he measured in at 29 inches and weighed about 24 pounds (now putting him in the 75% instead of the 90%).

he is so much fun and i can't believe all the things babies are able to learn in a year. i can't get enough of his laugh, his babbling, or his cheesy smiles. i love his wobbly walk and the sheer joy on his face as he gets around on his own two legs. i love to watch his concentration as he plays with his toys and figures out how they work or new things to do with them.

before i had kids, my dad would always tell me that, "you can't imagine the love you have for your own children." and it's true, i adore this kid and am SO proud when he learns even the littlest thing. and on the rare occasion, when he will rest his head on me while i rock him to sleep, all his misdeeds of the day are forgotten and my heart feels full.

ca'do, we love you... more than you know.

for the grandmothers

carter is mobile and he loves it!

ps. thanks grandma smith for the truck!