Thursday, November 19, 2009

" get in my belly!!"

we may need to start working on table manners before thanksgiving.

Monday, November 16, 2009


so we just got the internet a few days ago and it's great to be reconnected with the world. as you all know, we have spent the last month fixing up our new house and we are finally in. we moved on halloween and want to thank everyone for their help in fixing up our house and also in moving us!!

it was carter's first halloween and as you can guess we were too busy with other things to think about dressing our kid up. but thanks to my friend trisha (who gave us a lion costume), carter was able to be a lion for halloween. ok, so really he was only a lion for about two seconds. he didn't care for his costume and since it was pretty big, i released him from the torture. but not before i got a few pictures.

we weren't able to finish everything before we moved in but it's a work in progress. we still have holes in some of the walls, flooring missing and a whole list of other projects, but we are not suffering. i am almost growing fond of the cardboard flooring in the hall :) when we moved in we didn't have any appliances in the kitchen because the floor was not finished. but by the end of the first week ty finished the kitchen floor and put in all the appliances. having the kitchen completed has made all the difference! we are loving our new house and it provides us with a continuous project, i guess that is the beauty of home ownership. the following posts have a million pictures of the house so sorry. i only post them because some have asked for them and most people who read this live very far away, so here you go.

oh and one last funny story. last night tyrell and i went to a baptism. carter was with us and because i had to play the piano, it was tyrell's job to take the baby out when he was fussy. and boy was he fussy. tyrell was outside with him nearly the entire baptism, during which, you could periodically hear carter crying. but it was when tyrell took carter into the bathroom to change him that it became embarrassing. the bathroom is of course, connected to the baptismal font, so when they were in there you could hear carter crying really well (carter does NOT like his diaper changed, so by the sound of things, he was putting up a good fight).

mean while, in the service...we were singing the closing song. at this point, i was trying not to smile too much while i was playing the piano. the song ended but the crying did not. it was then time for the closing prayer (and of course the silence made the crying that much more obvious and awkward), and to conclude the prayer, the missionary prayed "and bless the baby that he will be happy.... amen" . it was pretty funny and i could feel my face turn red as i tried not to laugh out loud.

before and after

dining area

our bathroom

our bedroom

(which is hard to take pictures of but here is the south west corner from the doorway)

the kitchen

(which looked a lot bigger with out the fridge)

the front bathroom

this is what it originally looked like. the floor is white linoleum covered by stick on square linoleum which was coming up and smelled like urine.

once we got that floor up we found the mold on the OSB

so tyrell had to cut a chunk of it out and replace it

the cement board down and ready for tile

tile in

the finished product

ready for visitors!

the front room

the continued progression of the front room

it's still a work in progress but we are liking it so far