Monday, August 16, 2010

the reunion

we drove to az to see family during tyrell's two week break. here are a few recaps from the reunion.

one day it rained pretty hard and we decided it was time to corral all the kids to keep them out of the mud. we put on a movie via lap-top but the sound was not loud enough. so while it was being fixed, kristen was keeping the rioting at bay by reading them all a story.

a new game called 'washers' was introduced and the guys had fun playing. carter of course was always in the way and really excelled and picking up all the washers before, during and after each persons turn.

the boys (plus nicki and me) went shooting one afternoon (off homestead land of course :)

sat and talked around the camp fire.

'got acquainted' (as my grandma would say)

and of course tyrell set up his zip line, which involved him scaling up this tree (which was impressive). all the kids LOVED it.

ty even offered rides in the rain :)

we helped out at the chicken coop showing the kids chickens and letting them pet and feed them. ty looks a little more frightened than carter.

who is completely unaware that his face is TOO CLOSE to the beak.

it was our first reunion without our favorite grandma smith, and it just wasn't the same. she loved being at the homestead and of course being surrounded by family!! you are loved and missed!

the weeds

our yard is in desperate need of WORK. so one day we spent 8 hours pulling weeds (i pulled the short ones and tyrell took care of the 5 feet, tree trunk thick ones). this is just one of about 5 truck loads we hauled out of our side yard. and the sad thing is.... there is so much more to do (sigh).


1. one of carter's new tv watching spots.

2. using dad's phone to make a few calls while he is on the move. he was just scooting around the house jabbering into the phone.

3. dr. jekyll

(i think he looks A LOT like tyrell in this picture)

and mr. hyde.

i took this picture because i noticed a trend. in most pictures i take of carter, he looks like a rag-a-muffin, is in his pajamas, or modeling in his skivys. so after i got him ready for church i thought i would take a picture of him looking so handsome.

maybe we'll try again next week :)