Monday, December 13, 2010

naughty or nice

carter smith
age: 23 months
presents or coal?
naughty: screaming and kicking EVERY SINGLE time his diaper is changed
nice: delivering dirty nappies to the proper waste receptical (saving his mother a trip)
naughty: escaping from the house, wandering down the street, and then running from his mother during her rescue attempt (this was done while mother was 9 months pregnant and barefoot... and of course, there were spectators)
nice: kneeling and folding his arms when it's time to say prayers
naughty: trying to sit on baby max while max is eating, because HE wants to be on his mother's lap
nice: willing to give max hugs and kisses
naughty: throwing food on the floor (this is often followed by him pointing and shaking his finger at the mess while saying 'no,no,no')
nice: running to get a towel after a spill and singing "clean up, clean up, everybody everywhere" while he wipes up the mess. he also gets the broom to clean up crums (which then becomes a bigger mess as he scatters it around in his attempt to "kee, up". it's the thought that counts)
naughty: yelling "no", "mine", and "let go" at his mother
nice: saying "please moma" when he wants something (we'll count this as nice even though the tone used is often identical to that of "no", "mine", and "let go" :)
naughty or nice?
it's going to be a close call this year :)
are all two year olds this cooperative?


the boys all ready for church
an outing