Wednesday, November 12, 2008

my birthday

here are some more pictures of the pretty leaves i took while i was roller blading around the henry ford estate. and i submit that the site of a pregnant woman on roller blades is a bit ridiculous. but don't worry, i only fell once. thankfully, i have over come my childhood tendency to fall on my head, thanks to the lessons my mother gave me on how God gave me arms/hands so i could protect my face, and was able to put my hands down and saved us both:) the leaves are all about gone now, but they really were pretty. the red ones are at the church, and the trees there really have brilliant color (our camera does not do it justice). they look like they are on fire. and yes, that is SNOW! it snowed on monday, the start of our long winter... heaven help me.

last week was my birthday. i worked... boo, but it was a pretty good day. tyrell made me breakfast, dropped me off at work and picked me up in his new fancy car (he finally got to trial a car from work and we sat and played with all the new features of the lincoln). but the whole way home he kept saying, "i tried to be a good husband." and when i asked why he was saying that, he would just repeat, "i tried to be a good husband." so when we got home the house smelled a little funny (well funnier than it usually does). i asked what it was. he then told me that he was trying to have dinner ready when i got home and a cake made (a kind gesture seeing that tyrell hates to cook), but there was a mishap. we listen to the radio in the kitchen and while it usually lives on top of the fridge, it had been sitting on the stove for a week or so on the back burner (i would not recommend this). so when he was trying to heat up the front burner, he accidentally turned the wrong dial and turned on the back burner. i only wish that i could have been there when he realized he was cooking the radio (due to the large amount of smoke produced by burning plastic), picked it up in a state of panic, ran around the house with it in his hands, yelling, trying to decide what he should do with it :) hilarious. so here is the damage, but hey, it still works.
tyrell was still able to make me dinner and a beautiful german chocolate cake with homemade frosting and everything. thanks ty!

Monday, November 3, 2008

due to the requests of amber, i will update the blog. i went home to az without tyrell to get together with some old room mates of mine. it was really fun and i was so glad to spend time with close friends. it was also great because i came in a little early and left a little late, and was able to see lots of family. i was able to see my brothers, sisters-in-law, nieces, grandparents, cousins, old friends, eat at some of my favorite restaurants, and go shopping. i had a great weekend. i didn't do that great at taking pictures though. sorry.

this was the first time that tyrell and i have been apart for more than a 12 hour shift, and over all i think tyrell got a much better nights sleep with out me tossing and turning all night long. but i know that he missed me. so much in fact that the night i flew in he didn't come to pick me up from the airport. i had a layover in denver and with the time change and everything, i would be getting home around midnight. he told me that he was going to go to sleep and would come and get me when i called. i told him to be sure and wake up when i called. he agreed that he would. so when i landed in the detroit airport, i called him, but there was no answer. so i called again and again hoping the constant sound of his phone would arouse him from his slumber. but after 30 minutes and 34 calls, there was still nothing. so i pulled out some cash from the atm and hailed a cab home. i got home and knocked on the door in the middle of the night. tyrell said he hopped out of bed, checked his phone, saw the 34 missed calls from his poor little wife, and knew he was in trouble. so i keep reminding him of the time he forgot his poor pregnant wife at the airport, in the middle of the night, in one of the most dangerous cities in america. he keeps claiming i was not forgotten, he just didn't wake up. i guess he was just enjoying his last good nights sleep with out me :)

fall here has been really pretty. there are a lot of trees over the roads and it is so pretty to see all the many yellows and reds. i also like all the leaves on the ground, and of course the resident squirrels gathering for the long winter. it is getting colder though and we had to turn on the heater; only to realize that it does not work all that great. it takes a while to heat up the house and then has to work very hard to keep it warm. so let's just say that the space heater follows us around to every room. we are going to have to figure something out for when it gets really cold
and i am home all day with the little one.

halloween was a big deal around our neighborhood. people really went all out decorating their houses. i really enjoyed all the decorations and can't wait to see what they come up with for christmas. we were a little less festive than many, but we did managed to carve two pumpkins for the occasion. as you can tell from the picture tyrell worked really hard on cutting out his bat (we used stencils), only to look a bit confused when he was finished because it didn't look quite right. turns out he carved it upside down. so his pumpkin turned out great it just needed to be flipped over to make it recognizable. it was funny. we went to a halloween party a family in our ward had. tyrell was going to make home made root beer for it but was unable to find root beer flavoring. so he just ended up buying root beer and dry ice. it smoked anyway and the kids loved it. it made for great slushy root beer too.

i am now 30 weeks (7 months) pregnant and my belly is catching all the crumbs that don't quite make it in my mouth. now i have to wonder if i am more messy than usual, or if i had always dropped this many crumbs, just that before, they were able to make it to the ground with little notice? i got my rhogam shot today and everything appears to be right on track. we are grateful to have had no complications this far. hopefully i won't go into labor when we come to visit for thanksgiving. even though my family has been trying to get me to come to az to deliver, i don't think this would be a wise choice. sorry girls :)