Tuesday, June 7, 2011


so we had a problem. a HUGE moth problem. for a few weeks, we were plagued with millions of moths (i think they were bad here in PW, but i believe our house was a little worse because we have 'butterfly' bushes, which apparently, also attracts moths). they were swarming near every door and had the audacity to dive-bomb your face every time you walked outside. the front door was barely usable at night, the garage was infested and the house was their next target. so i had to take action.

a bunch of them made it into the house and they got the fly swatter treatment after i couldn't stand the sound of their gross little bodies hitting the walls, the windows, or the lights!
i also had a personal bug man, carter, who is awesome at catching bugs. he came bringing me one once and so i started directing his talents to the moth problem. it's pretty cute because every time he sees a flying insect, he gasps and says "GET IT!", and then proceeds to hunt it down. he is kind of like a cat who catches and releases until he has maimed the poor thing, but i stopped feeling badly for them after there were 20 or so in my house. he puts the dead ones in the trash or throws the maimed ones outside, where i hope they inform their friends that anyone caught trespassing will be tortured :)

after my friends suggestion (from her bug man) of a bucket of soapy water only delivered three dead moths, we took a more 'ghost buster' style approach.... the shop vac. if you don't have one of these GET ONE! they are so useful and can be used for an array of projects, and if you were wondering, sucking up moths is one of them :)

i turned on the outside lights, luring them in with my warm light goodness, and then shop vac-ed them to their death. i stood out there for a good half hour sucking up hundreds of them. but the truth is... it didn't' even make a dent. they had a million more friends waiting for an open spot at the light.

but then, just as i was headed to the store for a bug zapper, they disappeared just as quickly as they appeared. odd... but i'm glad it's over:) perhaps i should go ahead and buy that zapper so i can be ready for them next time.

this doesn't even do it justice.