Tuesday, October 26, 2010

what's been going on

TYRELL: well ty is sad as always, to see summer go. but he did get the chance to play on the lake a lot this summer and they finally called it quits in october. he and his friend have been working on their wake boarding skills and tyrell got pretty dang good at doing wake to wake 180's and such. he finally got all of the jet skis working and shortly there after, out of necessity(freeze warnings) had to winterize them. which is exciting because we might actually get to put the cars back in the garage soon. i think the look on his face in this picture expresses both of our frustration with these things :) although... now that they are all working... it might be a little harder to sell them come next summer. they are pretty fun (but don't get me wrong... if you or someone you know finds themselves in need of some jet skis, let us know:). i am always amazed at what tyrell can fix with little or no prior experience. school, teaching, and church callings are keeping tyrell REALLY busy and i know he can't wait to have a break.

CARTER: he is learning more words, and saying short phrases. he can say 'i love you' which is so cute, but when i tell him to say 'i love you mama', he ALWAYS says 'i wu-oo dada!" dada?... come on, i mean he is nice and all, but i am the one changing all the poopy diapers :)

he loves to wear our shoes and hats. he puts them on often and has kept my closet in a continual state of disarray. he has also learned some new skills like opening and unlocking doors. this has been going on for weeks now, but it reached a new level when he learned to open the front door. one day he escaped and this picture captures what i found. diaper, mom's shoes and dad's hat. everything one might need for a public appearance:)

and this may give you a glimpse of how cool he thinks he is:)

ME: and what have i been up to? well here is a picture of me at 35 weeks and the belly tells the tale. i am waiting, and not very patiently, for the arrival of baby boy smith. i am pretty anxious about him getting here! i just realized the other day that i am complaining a lot more this time around. "tyrell... i am so uncomfortable, my back hurts, my legs are restless, everyone is having their baby before me, time is going so slowly, my skin can't possibly stretch any more, i can't sleep...etc":) tyrell confirmed this realization, and i need to be grateful that all in all, i have had really good pregnancies. i know i am a little more anxious than normal because we have had some scares along the way. i just want the baby to be here safe, sound and healthy. only time will tell. three more weeks!!!


Andy and Michele said...

I love Ty's face - that is classic. And Carter is ohhh, so cool! You are so allowed to complain. I was awful at the end. Andy heard a lot (as did Tiffany, poor girl!) But they were both patient with me. You've had scares? What kind of scares? I hope everythings alright.

Stef said...

Apparently I haven't been to your blog in like 35 weeeks. And complaining goes with the territory. Making babies is hard work. And then they come out...and more work. Complain aways sister. How exciting!! Congrats!

Clint and Tiffany said...

I cannot believe that you waited until you were 35 weeks along to post on your blog that you were prego!!! I didn't know if I was supposed to know or not so I didn't say anything! I'm so excited for you guys, CONGRATS! I wish you were closer so I could bring you some chocolate to make you feel better, or something! :O) Hope all goes well and that we get to meet Tyrell Jr. Jr. soon! LOL

Burdett Family said...

Ya either I missed something in reading your blog or you are good at keeping secrets. Congrats on baby number two and a boy so fun. Congrats and I hope those three weeks come fast.