Sunday, June 3, 2012

may madness

so may has been a fun month full of all kinds of adventures.
i ran the spartan race at fort carson on the 5th and it was a lot of fun.  we climbed walls, hurdled trenches, crawled through mud under barbed wire carrying rifles,  ran up and down hills, packed heavy backpacks up and down hills etc.... it was a great time.

tyrell went to his favorite place in the world, green river utah for the annual dirt bike weekend.  and gratefully made it home unscathed.

he did have a small mishap with sinking his bike into what appeared to be a dry lake bed.

and this is not a picture of tyrell's  bacne... no, these are welts ty got trying to save our car during the hail storm.  

my parents came over memorial day weekend and brought me a bedroom set!!  it was so great to have them here to visit and i am LOVING my new bed!

uncle andrew came too and i think is now the favorite uncle
and of course poor max had his first ear infection that same weekend.  poor  little guy he was pretty miserable!  

tyrell decided to fix the bent rod in his truck and had to pretty much rebuild the engine.

we went camping with some friends and had a great time.  well other than the fact that it was freezing and our kids didn't sleep well.  but that is usually what camping entails.  tyrell set up the zip line and the kids LOVED it

some people caught fish and carter was in heaven

we went on a little hike and it was so pretty!

we caught bugs

ate way too much junk and of course, managed to be the dirtiest ones there!

we are enjoying our summer!