Tuesday, November 15, 2011

family pictures

getting family pictures taken is always a stressful time. moms... you know what i am talking about. first you have to find the photographer, decide on the location, and worst of all.....pick out the coordinating outfits. which, for me, requires a lot of thought: 'what do we have that will work?' 'what colors should we wear?' 'what do i need to go buy?' 'ok, i can do this... i am going to go shopping with the kids.' 'you know...i just need to find something that looks good on me and make everyone else work around that.' 'why does nothing i try on look good on me?!' and 'what will tyrell wear? (one thing i picked out for tyrell was a v-neck sweater, you would have thought i was asking him to wear a dress!) 'ok fine, we are just going to wear this because it isn't hideous and i am not going to worry about it any more!' :).

after all this is accomplished, the real fun begins as P-day arrives! when you must somehow get everyone clean, dressed, happy and simultaneously cooperative. quite the task indeed. but, i suppose, it's worth it in the end when you get pictures of cute smiling faces. never mind that your smile is perhaps a little less than genuine :)


Cossebooms said...

Family pictures are the worst!! Glad to have them, but they are a lot of work. Telling kids they'll be in trouble if they don't smile. And for us Bruce takes ours so he sets the timer and runs to get in the picture. Makes it even harder, but we've had some good ones. Yours are so cute! Love them and the colors, and your hair is so cute, love it!

Heather said...

Why must it be so stressful, i seriously hate picture time. but the finished product is worth all the stress. Love them all and you look HOT! your hair is so cute. your family is adorable!

Andy and Michele said...

Ha ha! It is 10x easier to just do the kids rather than try to get Andy to smile for those. They turned out way cute though. Your hair is beautiful, cute cut! Carter selling Max is hilarious! Love them! Hurray to have them done!

Stef said...

They are fantastic!! And you even got a change of clothes...wow! YOU ARE WONDERWOMAN

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