Wednesday, February 22, 2012

since you saw us last

brief updates: in reverse chronological order.

andy and michele came to see us in january and it was so much fun to have visitors.

we have been up to play in the snow a few times and carter is finally old enough to enjoy it but max does not.

carter turned 3. the truth is, i was in tennessee for his birthday, at a room mate reunion (which was so much fun, thanks suzi for watching the boys while i was gone) . so gma smith was here, and we had cake and such when i got home. (but our camera was left in sj, so no bday pics and no room mate reunion pics). carter got a dirt bike helmet for his birthday. he was excited and put it on and then asked 'motorcycle?'. sorry son... the motorcycle doesn't come with it quite yet :)

and we saw a fox while tyrell was making us hot cocoa. he came really close to us.

and ty snowboarded down the mountain with carter on his board. carter of course LOVED it. (max...on the other hand was still not having a great time)

we were in pima for christmas. we had a great time. carter was just as obsessed as flynt about the rc airplanes and was out there by his side the whole time they were flying (probably to flynt's chagrin). the boys got to ride in the tractor with grandpa. carter didn't really like riding in the bucket but was usually on g-pa's lap working the controls. much more his style. we rode 4wheelers, and played at red knolls, and saw friends, and played vball, and ate, and had a great chrismas eve program. we also spent time in sj helping my parents do some work around the house. we had a great christmas break.

the boys know a lovely duet

i turned 30! thanks girls for a fun time (and this wasn't even all of them. of course we didn't remember to take a picture until after some people had already left)

max turned one!


Andy and Michele said...

Hurray for an update! Although, I kinda freaked out "I missed her birthday!" Oh no, that was back in November, we're good! :) Tennessee sounds so fun. I could use a girl trip, are you up for another one? :) Does that make you nervous, Ty boarding with Carter? Andy does that at the lake with the girls, but for some reason that seems safer. We're starting City League vb & need another player - sure you don't want to move down for 2 months? Wow, I miss you guys! Can you tell?

jordan and tyrell said...

i am always up for a girls trip but tyrell may panic. he'll have to learn to cope. tennessee was so much fun, it was great to see all the old room mates with whom i made tons of great memories back in the day. and ty boarding with carter didn't make me nervous, they were going slowly. and ty was wanting to try it with carter on the lake so i'll have him ask andy for pointers :) and i would LOVE to some play vball. i'll put in my two weeks at my job tomorrow :) everyone loves the cute bag you made me for my birthday! you are amazing.

Clint and Tiffany said...

LOVE that first pic of Max!! Too funny! That was Maelee when we took the girls up to play in the snow. Every pic she has this look on her face like "You guys are CRAZY!! It's freezing, why are you all so happy?!?" I guess Hawaiians are pre-programmed for sunshine. :O) I'm with Michele, you guys SO need to move down here!!!

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